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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How eBay sellers can make a fortune on Twitter

Try a free trial of Terapeak you will be amazed how much you learn about what is selling well on eBay.  The trends data is simply mind blowing!  You can also learn how well your competitors are doing.

Research your competition

When you know what is selling well on eBay, download Tweet Eye for eBay sellers to Tweet what is selling well on eBay take advantage of Tweet Eye for eBay Sellers

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Why TweetAdder is not dead!

I was reading an interesting article on Warrior forum the other day that said that TweetAdder was dead.

Many people are moaning about the fact that the new TweetAdder version 4 has lost original features that were not compliant with Twitters TOS (terms of service).

These warriors were particularly referring to the features such as bulk autofollowing and unfollowing of other Twitter user accounts on autopilot.

To be honest the old TweetAdder features that automated following people without visually being able to check user profiles first (not compliant with Twitter's TOS) were probably the very reasons many of my original Twitter accounts kept constantly getting suspended, for people reporting me for spammy follows.

If I let you into a secret - social media is not about getting the crowd to shout your message and pass on your advertisements through retweets to their friends, but rather helping the millions of individuals out there on the social media networks research their niche.   With 500 million active users regularly clicking on hashtags of interest to them all you need to do is regularly Tweet relevant hashtags for your affiliate offers.

TweetAdder still has the capability to Tweet thousands of imported messages daily on autopilot on a randomized loop so that you are never Tweeting the same message twice.  Twitter best practice permits people to Tweet 1000 messages a day.  That is one thousand opportunities a day for people to find your affiliate offers through carefully selected hashtags that millions of users logging into Twitter may potentially click on every day.   I have known just ten Twitter accounts with less than ten followers drive 16,000 visitors a day to my affiliate offers simply from looping carefully constructed sentences with carefully chosen hashtags. 

I use TweetAdder to loop 1000 messages a day of my best selling affiliate offers from companies such as Amazon and Clickbank.  I earn even more money from selling TweetAdder itself and sending 1000 hashtagged messages to Twitter a day relating to social media management software.

Think about the peek times most Twitter users interested in your niche market are likely to be on Twitter and set TweetAdder to Tweet out hashtagged messages at those times.

I also believe the way that the NEW version of TweetAdder datamines user profile data, and enables you to view user profile data on Twitter is much better.  You can focus on a few relevant quality follows each day which are less likely to result in your Twitter Account getting banned.

There are many good reasons to try the NEW TweetAdder.

You can download a trial version for free now, and get a 20% discount with code CC20.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

How to use Twitter to make money - Three simple steps

1. Find what is selling well

2. Find who is likely to have money and follow them on the social networks
Did you know it was possible to follow twitter users in Americas most richest zip codes?

 1. Lower Manhattan, NY - 10274
 2. 30 Rockefeller Plaza - 10112
 3. Fisher Island, FL - 33109
 4. 45 Rockefeller Plaza, NY - 10111
 5. Oklahoma City, OK - 73154
 6. Downtown Chicago, IL - 60604
 7. Atherton, CA - 94027
 8. Century City Los Angeles, CA - 90067
 9. New Vernon, NJ - 07976
 10. Grand Central Station, NY - 10168

Click here to get the software that will help you do this

3. Get the easiest tool for selling on the social networks

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tweet Adder Soon To be banned from Twitter?

"The programs the lawsuit targeted include the wildly popular TweetAttacks software, TweetBuddy, and a program called “justinlover” which was authored by James Lucero. All three sites were offline by mid-day Friday. The other two tweet automation programs named in the suit – TweetAdder and software by Garland Harris of – will likely suffer the same fate."

If TweetAttacks software, TweetBuddy and TweetAdder is banned, more people are likely to look to other software and approach websites to design custom software that can send RSS feeds to

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Monday, 12 March 2012

How to put your twitter account on auto pilot to make money for you

There are many scams out there which claim to give you push button software that will bring in tons of website traffic and sales.  Before you get duped into spending out on any of those scams, I would recommend you read my five step guide to how it is possible to setup the social networks to drive traffic continued free targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.  

Following the 5 Steps you will see significant clicks on your affiliate offers, and only a matter of time before clicks convert to sales if you carefully follow the advice.  Furthermore you don't need to own your own website or have continued running costs.

Step 1 - Become an affiliate

Join an affiliate scheme that pays you commissions to sell their products.  Amazon is a great affiliate scheme to join, but there are many others.  Decide what market you want to sell to and using the affiliate schemes you have joined find about 100 or more offers that relate to that market.  The reason I say 100+ offers, is that there need to be enough offers to make the appearance of a randomized fresh offering.

Step 2 - Setting up your Twitter Account

Choose a suitable twitter account name, and follow people with niche market interests.  Want to sell golf stuff, follow golfers on Twitter.  Want to sell car parts, follow garages on Twitter.  Get a piece of software such as tweetadder that will send your affiliate offers in a continuous randomized order to Twitter, so that you don't have to be at your computer everyday making them up.  The best thing about tweetadder is that it will even automate the following and unfollowing of twitter users.

If you think the tweetadder software I am promoting is too expensive, but you understand and agree with the concept of what I am trying to tell you, you can always go to a freelance website such as to see if anyone will make software with similar functionality cheaper for you.  There are thousands of programmers in struggling economies who will develop bespoke software for low rate in return for recognition on

Step 3 - Convert your twitter updates to an RSS feed

Go to to convert your twitter feed into an RSS feed

Step 4 - Linking your RSS code to multiple services

Go to to link your RSS feed into your facebook pages, even your linkedin account.  While your tweetadder software is sending randomized promotions to your twitter followers, the use of the service means that your facebook friends and linkedin associates also receive the same offers.

Step 5 - Link your RSS feeds to

You can often link your RSS feeds to your blog account using the gadgets in blogger, so as well as your blogs, this is worth having in mind any time you create RSS feeds.  Unfortunately at the moment I have not been able to link the RSS feed made by to, keep checking and always look out for other places you can link your RSS feeds to, once the tweetadder software is sending randomized promotions on auto pilot redirect your RSS feeds to as many places as possible.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I want you to become a Tweet Adder Affiliate

The chances are you have visited this blog because you have followed a hyperlink on my twitter thank you message.

If you found this link in a Thank You message from a Twitter account, then it isn't by chance that you clicked here. I am a commission analyst and I have helped companies in the Telecoms sector make more commission and now I am passing this knowledge onto individuals.

I used software to find your twitter profile according to certain criteria I had set for finding suitable Twitter user profiles who I thought would be most likely to click on my invitation based on the key words that I searched for you by.

Your follow back of my twitter account triggered the software that I used to follow you to send you a Thank You message with the hyperlink you have just clicked on to get to this page. Perhaps you even followed my twitter account first, before I followed you, whatever the case, your follow triggered the automated Thank You message which lead you here!

I experiment with following various types of Twitter user, using this software I might have done:

a search of self employed people - and wrote an ad about becoming an affiliate
or chances are you recently Tweeted about needing money

Whatever I wrote, it intrigued you enough to visit this page, and it proves that with this clever software you can basically get anyone to visit your web page, if you set it to follow the right profiles and backup the follow with a thank you message likely to lead people to your web page.

Twitter has over 175 million registered users and is growing, considering that facebook has grown to over 250 million registered users and forecast to hit a billion users, there is a very decent sized market for software that enables businesses to find the right kind of customers on the social networks, and whatsmore the software I used to find you and refer you to this page is very affordable.

If you become a reseller of this software by literally creating a page like this one here, and adding an affiliate banner link you will soon be part of a very lucrative fast growing affiliate market.

You can trial the software for FREE just to see how good it is, and get $10 immediately credited to your affiliate account, and enjoy lifetime earnings of any other affiliates you refer, just like I am referring you.